Alles is a self-study course in Creating Dialogue - a  simple process for speaking with yourself and others - that gives you the extraordinary power to create EVERYTHING you want for the rest of your life.

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In Alles, you will learn the Creating Dialogue process that exposes ways of Being that limit resultsand produces ways of Being that bring results to life.

Throughout this 1.5-hour Self-Study course in Creating, you will learn the exact steps in leading a dialogue that puts you at the center of your creative Universe.

This is a powerful tool that invites an individual to step into a radical level of self-agency. It is a challenging and confronting practice, not for the timid or the half-hearted.

A Conversation with Others... ...and Yourself

One of the things that makes Creating Dialogue unique is how it can be applied in a conversation between two people as well as a conversation between a person and themself.

The same exact same process can be used inwardly (i.e. journaling, self-talk, meditation, etc) as it can to grow another person through talking with them in a focused and intentional conversation. This makes Creating Dialogue useful not only for your own personal evolution but also in any relationship where you want to increase well-being and performance in or with others.

Creating Dialogue is great for everyone to learn, and especially for coaches, leaders, business owners, and parents.

"Give us the lever of your mind and we will move your world."

This is a reference to Archimedes’ principle of the power of leverage. 

In Creating, we are that a person's Being is the highest point of leverage for change in their life. For years, we have been using our process of Creating Dialogue to help people 'move their worlds'.

In Alles, we teach YOU how to do it.

If you're a coach, leader, entrepreneur, parent, or anyone interested in rapid and dramatic personal evolution, then Alles is the best place for you to learn a life-changing and career-advancing skill. Through taking this course and engaging in the practice sessions, you will have an embodied understanding of how to ask a specific set of questions in such a way that puts whoever is being asked firmly in the driver's seat of their life.

In Alles, you will learn to use Creating Dialogue to work at such a deep level that the changes you make affect every area of life; health, fitness, relationships, intimacy, sex, income, business, leadership, contribution, spirituality, and more.

By learning Creating Dialogue, you are learning to place the lever of conversation firmly on the fulcrum of Being. With practice, your ability to 'lift' massive results will appear herculean, despite requiring very little effort.

Using what you learn at Alles will make you more powerful and produce more opportunities and results for you for the rest of your life.

"Creating has transformed my relationship with power. I now relate to power as the capacity to create any outcome I desire."

—Winnie Sher

What will I be able to do after?

  • You'll be able to create extraordinary change in people in a seemingly magical way
  • You'll be able to free yourself (and others) from demoralizing lackluster results
  • You'll be able to end procrastination and reconnect with inspired action
  • You'll be able to escape feeling stuck (in even the most impossible situations)
  • You'll have an infinite source of pragmatic actions you can take to create results

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Buy Now for $297

What will this help me achieve?

Not to sound overzealous, but our most honest answer is…


With an increased ability to identify limiting ways of being, and the clarity needed to shift into a more effective way of being that generates tangible results, you will be capable of producing more of what you want for both yourself and others in all domains.

More money, deeper love, greater impact, fulfilling relationships, improved health, consistent success, inner peace, joy, and more.

And this is why we named this deep and practical self-study course what we have. 

In German, there is a common phrase; 'Alles ist möglich'.

It means...

Everything is possible.

"I have a lot more belief in myself now; things could fall apart but I have so much faith in myself now to get into a conversation with someone and really be able to help them move their world in a way that would have us enter into a longer coaching engagement and to make money which has brought greater security into my life."

—Clayton Olson

What specifically will I learn?

In this self-study course Alles, you will learn the 5 step process at the heart of Creating Dialogue. We give you the specific questions for you to ask, as well as the principles behind each question that enable to you to help yourself or another person identify limiting ways of being and also to create more empowered ways of being on a very practical level. 

Once you learn Creating Dialogue, you will have gained an embodied understanding of the following:

  • How to open a powerful possibility for creation and transformation
  • How to elucidate ways of Being hiding outside of awareness or behind shame
  • How to translate the intangibility of 'Being' into something tangible, grounded, and real
  • How to safely invite one into a shockingly radical position of power to create their world
  • How to produce a strong container of love and compassion required for transformation
  • How to intentionally create yourself in dialogue with yourself
  • How to use conversations with others to grow yourself, and vice-versa

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Buy Now for $297

Who is this for?

Alles is a powerful training for anyone interested in personal evolution and especially for leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and parents.

The individuals who create the most value with Creating are those who take action, achieve, live with intention, take risks, and express themselves in the direction of their aspirations.

They are also people who value love, contribution, peace, joy, health and vitality, loving intimate relationships, and financial prosperity.

For Creating Dialogue to impact you most deeply, you must be open-minded, willing to have vulnerable and uncomfortable conversations.

Finally, those drawn to courses in Creating have a sense that personal fulfillment does not have to come at the cost of humanity or the planet. Deep down, you know that both a more beautiful life for yourself and a more beautiful world for everyone are possible.

**Graduates of Creator’s Circle or Being a Client Magnet will find Creating Dialogue to be the underlying process used with mastery by their Creating Champion.

What's included?


This self-study course is made up of 16 mini-lessons totaling 90 minutes of training in Creating. You will watch many or all of these lessons multiple times as they each contain a lot of depth and nuance.

The course begins with an overview of the Creating philosophy and principles, then proceeds to an in-depth explanation of the Creating Dialogue process.

Following this is a demonstration of Creating Dialogue between JP and a client as well as answers to numerous frequently asked questions about how to use Creating Dialogue with another person artfully and well.

Next is an explanation of how to apply this same Creating Dialogue process with yourself and answers to more frequently asked questions about applying the process in this way. 

Finally, the course concludes with lessons that help you bring Creating Dialogue into your life.


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"My whole way of being, my whole identity, everything is so much clearer now. I recognize that I can really create what I want. I've embraced the identity of an entrepreneur and I created the same amount of money as last year by July."

—Christine O'Neil

Who is the teacher?

Creating Dialogue Self-Study Course is developed and delivered by Creating Founder John Patrick Morgan.

John Patrick Morgan

Creating Founder

The purpose of my life is to serve the one person in front of me, right here and right now. To see them fully, to create who they are and to make a meaningful difference for them honestly and completely. I am your Champion and I create you everywhere I go.

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