Being a Client Magnet is an intensive 8-week training in mastery of loving yourself and clients into being.

In this Creating Journey, we walk you, step-by-step, through the core principles and practices of creating a way of Being that can produce limitless income doing only work you love.

Your commitment to this course and the work it requires will make you an unsinkable financial ship - a person with the power to create premium fee paying clients at will - giving you ultimate financial security for the rest of your life.

Rob Cressy

"This is the deepest work I have ever done in my life. You changed my life forever because we created my Being.

In me lived a being of lack and not-enoughness. It’s a dichotomy; how does the happiest person in the world (one of my declarations) also live as a being that is not enough? That 1% of me that felt I wasn’t enough was a heavy weight on my shoulders.

Exploring the pain and judgement and finding an alternative way of Being helped me create what I want to create.

One of the best things about Being a Client Magnet is that love is now such a big part of my life. Love is the highest level of freedom because it allows you to express from a clean slate.

I am a Creator, I can create anything.This is the greatest testimony I could give for you - imagine living your life from the perspective that you are dancing with creating who you want to be to do what you want to do in the world. Sign me up for that! That’s infinite love and that’s why I’m here. If you are ready to open your heart and be committed anything is possible.

I set a stretch goal of $40K generated in 8 weeks and I came in at $20K but my pipeline is full! Hitting the financial goal or not is representative of the value I got from the program or of my being - not easy for a guy whose background is in sales!

I saw the way that my being changed and I saw how my pipeline was filling and filling and filling. By adding more value I was all of a sudden landing $10K clients. I have raised my fee from $250 p/h hour to $500. With the scaffolding concept I could see that I could raise it again to $1000 and can really connect to the value of that fee.

BCM has been a life changing program for me. One that’ll have impact forever. 

I can hold myself to a new level of accountability because every day is a creation of who I am. I know the value in the BEING of this."

Commit to Being a Client Magnet


On the other side of this small purchase awaits one of the most in-depth, honest, and powerful courses on client creation and being ever created. 

Be still know that you are an asset worth investing in‚ÄĒand that it is your commitment that creates an extraordinary return.

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What will this help me achieve?


Not to sound pretentious, but our most honest answer is the one at the bottom of almost every page of our website…


In Being a Client Magnet, we work at such a deep level (i.e. how you conceptualize and experience yourself and your world) that the changes we make affect everything in your life; your health, your fitness, your relationships, your intimacy, your sex, your income, your business, your leadership, your contribution, your spirituality and so on.

Whilst we will use creating clients and growing your income as the context for our work, the insights and shifts we create will ripple throughout all areas.

More specifically, in Being a Client Magnet you will work to…

  • Create and price an offer for your service that you not only feel confident about but that dramatically up levels the amount of money you can make in the same or less time
  • Realize who you are being that is perpetually undermining you in creating what you want
  • Liberate yourself from these limiting ways of being such that more natural freedom, love, and power comes through you in your communication and your work
  • Create your own very simple, loving, and enjoyable process for connecting with new people, creating genuine interest in your work, and committing those people to services at a higher level
  • Inculcate a way of seeing yourself and the world that is more coherent with your own personal truth, making you more radiant in all contexts, but especially business and money
  • Generate the confidence and the evidence that you can always create all the income you want - without limit - by utilizing the perspectives and engaging in the practices of Creating yourself to produce clients and income

Nicole Dubois

"After 8 weeks in Being a Client Magnet I realise who I really am, on a soul level. And how easy it is for me to switch into that and slip out again. I am becoming better at recognising that and stepping back in.

Realising who I really am puts an end to people pleasing and to living outside in. I was doing alot of things because I thought I was supposed to; ATM, multiple products, social media, a pitch. For me it didn‚Äôt feel like ‚Äėme‚Äô.

You told me 'do what you love and love what you do' and I realised that what I love most after 20 years of coaching is the one to one coaching of purpose driven leaders and serving them deeply. I changed my website and made it easy for people to engage with me and it feels like I’m really moving again. 

Prior to starting BCM you asked me what I wanted to create financially and I told you I wanted to create  $20,000, and that I would like to create $50,000 for the rest of the year. But during the two months of Being a Client Magnet I created $57,000!

Of course I love the money and all the things I can do with it; investing in myself, investing in my clients, making sure I have enough self care in any way I like, to be able to be fully present. But it’s not even about the money; it is about living my purpose more and it turns out to be fun; it no longer feels like hard work, where I have to create money and I have to create clients.

And the biggest change is something in me that is reflected not only in my business but also in my personal life. The most valuable change is the one within me."

What will be different after?


  • You will have gained an embodied skill in unlocking yourself from the prison of fear that limits your love and power
  • You will have connected with the infinite value of yourself and your work
  • You will see yourself as a Champion in both senses of the word; someone who is THE BEST at what they do and also someone who is a powerful stand for the fulfilment and success of others
  • You will have clarity as to how simple the process of client creation can be and you will have access to a process that you enjoy being in and using
  • In client creation conversations, you will know exactly what to say and when to say it, without any scripts, rules, techniques
  • You will be more magnetic as a person, especially in the context of client creation
  • You will know from experience what the concept of 'love yourself' actually means and be able to 'do' it at will
  • You will have awoken to your awesome power as a Creator and how so much more is possible for you than, right now, you could even imagine

Clayton Olson

"Being a Client Magnet is exactly what I needed. There are other folks teaching 'high ticket' enrolment who are marketers who lack soul/being and it was always difficult to pull the trigger on those because of that. Your course is deep and substantial. I look forward to every single video as it ties together both the internal and external. I'm becoming a more powerful coach through these principles. 

This course is genius. It is so much more than just enrolment. It's an operating system. You're really highlighting the difference between a sales person teaching enrolment vs a coach. Thank you for creating this."

Commit to Being a Client Magnet


On the other side of this small purchase awaits one of the most in-depth, honest, and powerful courses on client creation and being ever created. 

Be still know that you are an asset worth investing in‚ÄĒand that it is your commitment that creates an extraordinary return.

Buy Self-Study Course @ $2,997
Buy Course w/ 12 Weeks of Coaching @ $12,997

What will I learn?


As a graduate of Being a Client Magnet you will have not only learned an incredible amount about yourself and about how everything is created. More importantly, you will have gained an embodied understanding of the following:

Creating Being

  • How to create the highest return on your Being a Client Magnet investment
  • A deep and nuanced understanding of the radical nature of the Creating perspective
  • How to know what you truly and most deeply desire - and how to have all of it
  • How to create tangible results through the intangibility of being
  • How to uncover ways of being that are blocking you from creating what you want
  • How to genuinely liberate yourself from limiting and fearful ways of being 
  • How to conceive of new ways of being that are more loving, powerful and true for you 
  • How to distill your many conceptions into a coherent and powerful declaration of who you are
  • How to memorize your entire declaration of who you are quickly and easily
  • How to speak your being, so that what you speak, you actually become
  • How to discover ways you interpret reality, and how to create a different reality
  • How to create a consistent Creating practice that you look forward to every day
  • How to utilize inner conflict as a source of insight, energy and power
  • How to create yourself by Being a Champion for others
  • How to identify actions that are an honest and congruent expression of your created being
  • How to create others as you would love them to be
  • How to use technology to create yourself even more conveniently and effectively

Creating Clients

  • A coherent understanding of our simple approach to client creation called The 3 Asks™
  • How to create an offer from the truth of your value that you can share confidently
  • How to price your offer in a way that creates great income and honors your real value
  • How to perform your First Ask (Ask for Attention) easily and often to create a constant stream of new contacts for your business
  • How to engage in the first conversation to love new connections into people genuinely interested in your services
  • How to create 'growth games' that turn your client creation activity into fun and engaging play
  • How to perform your Second Ask (Ask to Receive) in a way that creates an immediate 'yes' and powerful context for providing an experience of your professional service
  • How to generate your client creation actions from your consciously created stated of being (instead of a to-do list)
  • How to create a 'short list' of the best people to create in relationship with over time
  • How to stay grounded to the actual numbers in your business without it undermining your magnetic way of being
  • How to create an experience of you and your service in the second conversation that loves a person into genuinely wanting to be your client
  • How to accelerate your growth through how you reflect on the 'not-clients' you create
  • How to perform the Third Ask (Ask to Commit) in such a way that your new client is born in a space of free-choice and total certainty
  • How to respectfully turn any obstacle into a path to hiring you that empowers your clients
  • How to engage in the third conversation in a way that produces repeat clients and referrals
  • How to easily create a community that enhances referrals and stabilizes your income ongoingly
  • How to create testimony from clients that sings your praises in an authentic way
  • How to utilize client complaints as a means for growth and the creation of new clients

Rachel Hamlin

"Before committing to Being a Client Magnet, I was in feast or famine cycles. I would sign clients and then be at capacity. This troubled me, because deep down, I didn't trust my capacity to create more income.

I didn't have a marketing machine and I felt mystified by how I was creating clients at all. During the 8 weeks of training, I realized that it was actually simple. I was pushed to grow in the skills that really matter‚ÄĒbeing love, embodying my coaching and most importantly, making asks.

I ultimately made $28,500 in sales in those 8 weeks through these practices.

Initially, when I did the pricing exercise you teach, I thought, 'There is no way I can possibly charge that fee!" But I did. I raised my prices and signed my first team client.

I became a more powerful leader and created a more powerful container for my clients.

Above all, I built trust in my Creating capacity. I realized that I don't need a marketing machine; I am all that I need."

Dominic London

"I want to acknowledge the power of this work. I had a bit of resistance to it in the beginning  and thought ‘No, it can’t be this simple’ but one thing I have been mindful of that has helped me to be a more powerful individual, to really walk in my power, is respect for self and celebrating wins.

What I realised was that by not acknowledging small wins I had not been honoring myself. Instead I had been beating myself up for not completing a task I set myself and making it mean “I am…”, applying a negative connotation to that and then subconsciously living and Being from that state.

Practicing the Creating perspective is a powerful thing. A new effort is required that I wasn't aware of before and is so much more rewarding than the effort I was making before.

What I learned in the first introductory lessons of the training shifted my life immensely; being introduced to new ideas, realizing that our language lives in our Being, and that who we Be is the most important thing in the world.

If I had just listened to the introductory videos and didn't even do the rest of the course I would have got my money's worth. I'm excited to go through the curriculum again and can say that it is the most valuable investment I have ever made in coaching and training."

What is included?

40+ In-Depth Lessons 

Upon your purchase, you will have immediate and permanent access to 8 modules of lessons in your course library in Creating.Studio. Each of these lessons is an intimate dialogue with JP that takes you on a deep journey of Creating a fearless and magnetic way of being (and doing) that attracts and commits clients at premium fees. 

Lessons are mostly audio (some video), available streaming in a mobile app, and range from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. Each lesson includes theory, examples, and exercises for you to do or actions for you to take in the world.

  • 2 Introductory¬†lessons in Creating to help you¬†produce the¬†highest return on¬†your¬†investment
  • 21 lessons in the¬†inner work of Creating Being
  • 18 lessons in the¬†outer work of Creating Clients, including a very deep and extensive training on our simple approach called¬†The 3 Asks‚ĄĘ
Massive FAQ 

For two years of personally coaching individuals in Being a Client Magnet, JP responded to all questions in audio format. All of these nearly 100 responses are available searchable and streamable.  

Weekly Action Reports 

Every week, you will invest a few important minutes in filling out an action report to help you hold yourself accountable, empowering you to create an exponential return on your investment.

Video Poster Image

Rob Salter 

"I was blown away by the training. I've seen lots of trainings of this type, but this content felt completely different and new.

It hit me on a very deep level; I'm a spiritual person and very connected to my religious tradition, and the more I think about it the more connections I see to so many different aspects of myself in the processes shared.

I thought I needed to be in the spiritual capital of the world right now but my life took an unexpected and very different direction. What was shared, and the time that I found it, feels divinely timed; it provided a wormhole into the answer I was looking for. It ties so many things together, and it's the last place I would have looked for the answers I was searching for if I'm completely honest.
The feeling that this has all happened for a reason is what made me sign up to the full Being a Client Magnet program.

The key message to love myself and others has been a gift so far. The more I look at the teachings the more I realise that this work is a spiritual healing for me; it's a spiritual healing because it's based on love.

So much of what I have learned over the last few years has been the same lesson; the thing that's missing from so many teachings is love. When you connect spirituality and loving all people you get something really powerful.
The core of this work is love and it is helping me to connect that with money. I've always known there is a connection but both have been elusive to me.

To stumble across a piece of work where those two things are intertwined is amazing and so many of my old thoughts and fears about money are falling away. I am learning how money can be a means of spiritual transmission."

Who is this for?


You are a service-based entrepreneur of some kind.

Whether you're an artist or musician, a coach or consultant, a plumber or carpenter, a real estate or insurance agent - you are someone who wants to increase your sales by increasing the value of your Being.

Important also is that you are someone who takes action.

You achieve, you live with intention, you take risks, and you express yourself in the direction of your aspirations.

Even more importantly, you value love, contribution, peace, joy, health and vitality, and beautiful intimate relationships. And you know the success of financial prosperity is so much sweeter when you have all of these 'inner' successes first.

For Creating to impact you deeply, you are open-minded, willing to be vulnerable, and ready to have uncomfortable conversations.

Finally, you have a sense that personal fulfillment does not have to come at the cost of humanity or the planet. Deep down, you know that both a more prosperous and beautiful life and a more beautiful world are possible.

Commit to Being a Client Magnet


On the other side of this small purchase awaits one of the most in-depth, honest, and powerful courses on client creation and being ever created. 

Be still know that you are an asset worth investing in‚ÄĒand that it is your commitment that creates an extraordinary return.

Buy Self-Study Course @ $2,997
Buy Course w/ 12 Weeks of Coaching @ $12,997

David Bird

"What I love about the course and how it is taught is that it is teaching a new way of being through daily practice. I was already into meditation and spirituality but something that's always bothered me is that the ideas sound great but how the F*%$ do you do it?! 

Being a Client Magnet teaches the theory and then shows you pragmatically how you can approach it and what you can do. While I still get in my own way sometimes, every time I do one of the practices I learn something or see something new. This training has given me the ability to identify what I can't see and the tools to play with my experience to see if I can see something different. You have been being a champion for me, celebrated my successes which makes such a huge difference. You've challenged me on my bullshit and also welcomed my pushback. It's always a loving conversation, both modelling and teaching vulnerability.

When I started I had some difficult feelings around money and did not feel congruent talking about my prices. I have now not only increased my price but also feel really good about and have got Yes's from new clients because I showed up with confidence. I simply believe in myself now.

What this course has given me is that I see the world very differently now. It’s subtle, but the difference is massive. I was very much at affect of the world but now I know that I am a creative being. I see possibilities and I understand how important self cultivation is. When I look at my diary I now know how much time I need for myself and why that’s important.

Even when I wake up feeling shit, I do my routine and my journaling that and feeling often goes away and I feel grounded again

Since I started the course I have put my fee up, I feel differently about myself and my business, I now show up better with my clients, I have started a podcast and now want to create a men’s group... and none of this seemed possible two months ago.

Thank you for all your help and for creating this course

This has been life-changing."

100% No-Money Back Guarantee...

Be still and know that when you purchase Being a Client Magnet, your payment is a 100% non-refundable commitment. We guarantee you that there will be NO refunds under any circumstance. 

From the moment we committed to providing you with this training, there was no turning back for us, financially or otherwise. This quality of commitment is fundamental to the power of Creating. It is important that you know and feel how your payment is an instrument of our work together. The moment you cross the threshold by buying this course, our work has begun.


Commit to Being a Client Magnet


On the other side of this small purchase awaits one of the most in-depth, honest, and powerful courses on client creation and being ever created. 

Be still know that you are an asset worth investing in‚ÄĒand that it is your commitment that creates an extraordinary return.

Buy Self-Study Course @ $2,997
Buy Course w/ 12 Weeks of Coaching @ $12,997

Who is your guide?

John Patrick Morgan

Creating Founder

John Patrick Morgan is a practical philosopher, writer, and speaker who has dedicated his life to championing the freedom, love, and power of human beings.

Post his formal¬†studies¬†in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Rhode Island and the University of Sydney,¬†JP built multiple small businesses (including¬†a¬†global web media company¬†from a laptop and a backpack before the term ‚Äėdigital nomad‚Äô existed), developed real estate, traveled the world for years on end, coached human rights leaders, recorded albums & toured with his band, created a children's library in Cambodia, learned to scuba dive & pilot gliders, published writing and photography, competed as a black belt & triathlete, trained with Buddhist monks in India, cycled toured for months on end and many other adventures.

In more recent years, JP's adventures have turned inward as his family came into being. He and his wife now homestead with their two young boys on their small farm in Maui, Hawaii. His lifestyle and family, including farming, fitness, and a fascination with Artificial Intelligence, he shares openly on social media.

The foundation of John Patrick Morgan’s role as a philosopher, teacher, and guide, is his being a real-world practitioner. He walks his talk, lives what he teaches, and has a genuine and powerful commitment to always championing the one person in front or him.

Sam Pearce

"You should be incredibly proud of Being a Client Magnet. It is phenomenal. I have been bowled away by how much there is; how many recordings there are, and how many ideas are in each one. 

I don't know what I expected, but I'm surprised by it and it's a lot to take in. I felt my head really exploding with stuff, but it's been hugely powerful. Part of me obviously wishes that I'd done Being A Client Magnet a while ago and the other part feels it's just the perfect time. 

I did another program that was the opposite of Being a Client Magnet. The scarcity, fear-based marketing felt in so many ways absolutely opposite of what you are talking about and I came out of that feeling very disempowered. So I think it's only even more awesome that Being a Client Magnet is out there because so much else is not that. 

When I want to reach out to someone now I think 'What can I give them?'. It really helps me to step into the sharing aspect of connecting with people, like sharing things or sending books. I give them the opportunity to step into their power and that feels full of agency for me. So when I'm thinking of how to communicate with people it's just completely different for me. It's such a powerful way of approaching connection.

I feel every day that I'm growing in the moment in a way I never have in my life and the ability to Create is at my fingertips in a way that it never has been before."

Nathaniel Dunn

"Making this commitment myself was a significant factor in receiving a five-figure fee for the first time.

I achieved this by being a champion for my client, connecting to her and her value in the world, and creating myself as the perfect person to help her. This didn't come naturally at first and took some work.

I Created my being as the perfect person to help her; she already knew I was, but I had to know it myself too.

Creating myself every day through speaking declarations in the way that is taught on the course is super powerful.  Being a stand for me led me to me being a stand for her like a domino effect.

I have completed Being a Client Magnet now but the work hasn't stopped. There is so much richness in the breadth and depth of the practices and tools; things to do both in your mind and in the world. I know I will keep coming back to it because there are always new nuances and distinctions every time I listen to the content. It underpins everything else."

Hudi Guggenheimer

"I have so much more love and patience for and with my kids because I’m not judging myself as not good enough as a mother. I know I’m enough and I feel it deep within me so I’m ok even when they fight or are angry. Omg this changed so much for the better!!

I work with Moms and help them heal and transform deeply, but I’ve always had this fear that maybe I’m not “healed” enough. The work we do in the first few weeks of Being a Client Magnet was literally THE missing piece from all the healing work and self development I’ve done over the years and from what I teach my clients. It shifted me as a mother in a massive way! 

My son who was struggling in school has massively shifted as well. Lots of things I've been working on before Being a Client Magnet but that had been struggles for so long, but couldn’t get past because the judgments made me so frustrated and exhausted and made me lose patience so easily.

The forgivness and declarations have made a massive shift in who I am and my entire home life shifted accordingly! It’s happened subtly but now I can see it so obviously, it’s WOW.

In the beginning of Being a Client Magnet when I started clearing the judgments and started seeing the light again, I went on the funnest vacation I’ve gone on since as far back as I can remember!!

We’ve closed on our new home (that was happening already before being here but I still feel like it could have easily fell through had I not gotten into a state of peace and trust).

We’ve booked a wonderful bungalow for a full month in the summer, something I’ve been dreaming to do for years!

Oh totally forgot, I’ve always been health oriented and into eating well and excersizing but since my baby was born I never managed to get back into routine with that stuff. Before Being a Client Magnet I was an emotional mess and couldn’t get myself going. I’m back in routine now with working out eating super clean and what’s amazing is I’m not craving junk the way I used to cuz I’m giving my feelings their space and time and I’m in a being of peace. It’s pretty cool!

A weird thing that happened to/in me lately is that suddenly I’m happy with simplicity and having less. Suddenly I’m enjoying being thrifty and I’m totally fine and relaxed even though I haven’t created any new clients in a few weeks. I have the desire for new clients and I know I will create them as I learn and grow, but I’m calm and happy regardless. I’ve never been one to buy second hand and suddenly I’m like “ya I like that idea” I feel like I’m connecting more deeply with a truer me. 

A shift happened with my team too, I’m so calm about them. I used to be very afraid of their choices and now I’m just calm and loving. I’m seeing myself have more faith in them and loving them more. I also feel safer to be an authority with them. I’m excited about the process of training them to enrol clients. That’s been a dream and now I believe in it and have started the process of making it a reality! Yay.

Another random weird one. I love Louise Hays book called Heal Your Body. It has a list of emotional causes for physical ailments. I refer to it often. I’ve had this little ugly wort on my hand, it’s been there for a very long time and even though it wasn’t noticeable to others I hated it and had scheduled an appointment to have it removed. After clearing the judgments and accepting and loving myself, ok this sounds weird, it disappeared  Louise Hay says worts come from “Little hates in life” looks like stopping to hate my life made the cute lil thing not need me anymore!

Another thing that’s shifted is my schedule. I cleared up my entire calendar. I let so much go. It feels so freeing. I use my intuition daily and when I open my calendar I see PEACE with some, not too many, tasks along the way. It’s a different life! 

Right now, the most recent shift is that I’m ready to invest in marketing again, even though some past investments in marketing have failed terribly. I’m actually excited to do it from this state of being. 

I’m also calm about investing again even when I don’t know where the money is going to come from. I’m peaceful and ready for it to come my way as I continue taking peaceful, powerful action.

Thank you for listening and for your amazing coaches for helping me grow back into my natural wonderful self. I look forward to continued growth and greatness together!"

Khaldoun Sweis

"This is a thank you letter for this powerful time with you. I’ve always reacted against and was in contention within me when someone would not take responsibility for their life and actions. I believed that we should not shift blame. But I did not live it. There was a mile gap between my heart and mind. “You are responsible for your own life and circumstances” is something conservatives constantly preach about but liberal social justice warriors will tell you that’s absolutely untrue— it’s the patriarchy, it’s the repressive system, it’s divorce, it’s neo-feminism, it’s white supremacy, it’s etc. etc. adnausea something or someone else is always the problem.

But the biggest one for me was myself. There are a lot of problems in society that I can always have an infinite amount to blame for my unending circumstances or of course people to blame. And some of these concerns are legitimate, some of these concerns are exaggerated hyperbolic blame shifting. Whatever it was, I was back to myself. If I was at fault, then I should feel guilty for that. I should suffer for it. And I hated myself for it.

I have come to peace with that old Khaldoun. I was finally able to take the phrase “How did I create that” and nuance the difference between being “guilty” of it, and learning from it. I have forgiven my old self, and now moving into a new version of him. I also was of the perspective that “Truth“ is that which corresponds to reality, and if I don’t conform myself to the Truth then I submit myself to subjective, relativistic, unreliable perspectives or wishy washy truths, which are more problematic than trying to find Truth.

I speak of Truth in the wake of Aquinas, Aristotle and the Western Intellectual tradition about Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The New Age or Eastern perspectives founded on personal subjective truths. But your work has helped me see the power in both perspectives in profound ways!

The key is like that of a Yin and Yang. My perspective of the world, and the actual world, are working together constantly shifting and changing in contrast to the objective reality around me, and actually influence and change each other. Like you said “we are intrinsically entangled with everything and not a single breath or thought happens to us entirely of our own volition. We are teeny whirlpools influencing the massive eternal river around us as it does us”. I was reflecting on Being in the eternal river of life and the whirlpool of my own being.

Aristotle (which seems to be the perspective you are closest to) says that being —at least the one in our world, itself is composed of a hylomorphism of matter and form. Or being is composed of that which is physical and that which is formed or designed. For example your BMW Car is the physical substance that the being of form that it takes shape of. Both of these influence each other. The perspective or the mindset or the architectural blueprint actually creates (with the person or designer) the BMW car, or the house.

My idea of the BMW car in your dream of it and my perception of it or or design of it can exist without it physically speaking, but the physical BMW or designed home or physical world cannot exist without the form or design. So design or form can exist without matter but matter cannot without the form.

So Being as we know it is a compound of physical matter and mental form. From your teaching I can take my form and create with it, starting with myself. I can then create or influence the real Truth of the world around me. The same is true of the mind/body which is a psychosomatic unity. But I began to reflect on that.

Immanuel Kant argued that our limited perspective tells us that we are unable to even see the numinous or the “real” Truth of the world around us objectively speaking because of our own limits in time in space. Then I read Kierkegaard who argued that absolute Being or Truth (He referred to its ultimate expression as God ) even if it’s real, is not relevant to my life unless I submit to it and live in it and be part of it. So that is undeniable for me.

Your work brought me back to this around insight. I’ve been reading the stuff most of my academic life, your work has put this all together for me !! It has given me a life transforming experience.

The form in my mind or the ideas and perspectives actually changes the way I live and how I am recreating the objective world around me that’s already created by God and others (politicians, plumbers, designers and engineers electricians) , and I am influencing it as it influences me. The shift for me in your work and how I see primarily my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, my relationship with money, my family, my career, my work is life changing. I no longer see myself as guilty, in the sense of heaping blame upon blame on my soul for my disastrous mistakes and living in a state or Being of defeat — I am already forgiven in Christ.

I received that, but did not live in its freedom. Working with you I was able to really receive that in new ways personally. Thus I stopped making my Being one of limits rather than possibility. I have moved from probability to possibility in living. I didn’t realize how much agency I had or responsibility and the awesome ability to actually influence and change things and people around me in ways that are profound to say the least just by turning my focus inward rather than constantly on the “Truth” in the world. Wow what a change in perspective a paradigm shift of volcanic nature!!

This little whirlpool, Khaldoun, is as the Buddha says, awake in ways he never was before. I am not a Buddhist but I also realize there is much to learn from this incredibly in-depth philosophical system. Such as, the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama is reported to have said “To awaken is to learn the art of living; to master the mind and bring it back to the reality of the present moment; to unite mind, body and reality. To awaken is to bring the reality of the present moment to life; to be mindful and aware of the present”.

I used to be so narrow minded that I could not see the truth in other systems because of my dogmatic belief in the Christian theological enterprise. Although I still believe Christ Jesus to be the ultimate expressive and explosive incarnation of Truth, I’ve come to slowly realize there are truths that are also profound in other systems and all truth is a reflection of His Truth. But all that is irrelevant if I don’t apply it. I am no longer standing on the shore watching the water. I am already in it, knee deep and getting deeper—realizing myself as a whirlpool that is more powerful than I ever imaged (grounding it humbly in the imago Dei).

Jesus said it powerfully, “The Truth will set you free” I feel freer now than ever before as I reflect on what that Truth means for me as I create little truths every day. I feel myself as awakened and aware, and free in way I’ve never been before and or constantly a joyful work in progress. 

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