Creator’s Circle is the most immersive experience in the transformative power of Creating.

As a small and intimate group of high-achievers, we meet in live dialogue every week for eight months—the impact of which is the inevitable evolution of your being and your life.

What will this help me achieve?


Our Journey

The purpose of our partnership is to grow your power as a Creator.

By this, we mean to have you be someone who expresses your will boldly and authentically. As a Creator, it is your Being that generates both your experience of life and the tangible professional and personal results you desire.

Throughout our journey, you will become someone who literally creates your world on the inside and out.


Creator’s Circle is about your spiritual growth and your material success. Our work is equally focused on you being the happiest, most loving and most peaceful person you know as it is focused on you creating extraordinary tangible results in your life.

Our deep, personal and intimate dialogue will challenge you and expose you to entirely new possibilities.

You will discover a world that has been waiting in parallel to the one you’ve always known. A world where success is created through thriving instead of striving, where financial prosperity is created with ease instead of struggle, and where the love and intimacy you want comes to you, paradoxically, through giving it to others.

Our work is to develop you as a Creator of your entire reality – that is in both how you see the world (a subjective sense) as well as the actual physical world (an objective sense).

Throughout Creator’s Circle everything around and about you will change. Others will notice. Some will even tell you.

Now is the Time

Your first step is to experience Creating Dialogue with one of our Creating Champions. Awakening to ways of being outside of your awareness is in itself a breakthrough. From this new vantage point, it will be clear whether now is the time for you to do this deep and powerful work.

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What will be different after?

  • You will be someone who systematically removes their fears
  • You will be a force of Creation in your world
  • You will be more powerful and impactful everywhere
  • You will be someone who creates what you speak
  • You will be more aware of what is true for you
  • You will be more self-expressed in your own unique way
  • You will be more honest (even if you’re already honest)
  • You will be more creation-oriented in all of your relationships
  • You will be someone who creates and lives with ease

Sam Pearce

"What's different? Everything. I really can't express how life-changing an experience this has been. Beyond words. I didn't know it could be this life-changing and I didn't think it would be. I can't imagine going back and saying to myself, "You're going to see so differently at the end of this Circle."

The biggest thing that's come through is the liberation.  Creator’s Circle is like a judgment dojo.

You get to know the person behind the idea and you see the idea is completely secondary. It almost doesn't matter compared to the person that's sitting behind it and the love that can be expressed and the feeling. I learned about how I judge myself and to see that and experience it and love with it and be able to dialogue about it has been so liberating and so incredible. I feel so much less judgment of myself and of others and I feel like everything else came from the acceptance... that what I think and feel is perfect the way it is, and the understanding that the judgements were just judgements.

The way I live my life now, the way I coach, the way I experience other people and the potential I see in myself are all phenomenally different and it's enormously thanks to everyone in the circle. I just want to tell you all how much I love you and how much I appreciate you and how this space has been unbelievably sacred. 

There's a question we've been asking loads recently in Creator’s Circle; "Where are you not free?" I feel like my coaching and being has transformed since I've just spent time thinking about that question. Seeing the prisons that I've constructed in my head and... this is what I think you better than anyone else has done... pointed out that I'm holding the f#*%ing key. That metaphor more than any others, I think, ultimately defines the work I believe that we do. 

The Creating perspective, the way of being, and the environment of Creator’s Circle has completely changed my life. It has allowed me to access more joy, more freedom, more power. It is a phenomenal experience. I can't wait to see what else I get to discover. I can't wait to see what else I do with that.

One of the things that I think is a testament to you more than possibly any other is that your philosophy, the Creating perspective, actually destroys the need for you. That's the most powerful bit, what's imbued in the perspective is that you're creating your experience all the time. That willingness and openness to allow us to kill you, to allow us to make you redundant. That is, I think, at the heart of the Creating perspective, the ultimate power is that it gives every single person who comes across it and understands it and experiences it, the ability to go and just keep doing it.

It does reverberate out, I see how the ripples come. I want to express my sincere love for every single one of you. Thank you so much for what you've shared and how you've allowed me to grow and deepen my capacity for love and for holding the space for me over this time."

What will I learn?

While there is no formal teaching in Creator’s Circle, you will be learning. And while there is no curriculum, you will be informed.

In Creator’s Circle, you will be guided in seeing the gap between who you be and who you really are. Day by day, and week by week, you will close this gap, giving you more peace, power and prosperity.

We do not teach you to ‘convince’ yourself or others of anything. There is no push or persuasion required to get what you want. We do not give you ‘relationship advice’ or teach you ‘business strategies’. We have no strategies, gimmicks or techniques for you to learn. There is no roadmap in Creator’s Circle, only an undetermined series of events where you are guided in realizing who you are – and we mean this in all senses of the word:

1. become fully aware of something as a fact; understand clearly.
2. cause something desired or anticipated to happen.
3. give actual or physical form to.
4. make money or a profit from.

Theresa Campbell

"In the last 45 days everything has picked up: I had 6 referrals in 2 weeks, one of which led to a new realization of who I AM. There is no secret to it. You continue to work to create yourself. You continue to create as you speak and as you listen...and then you see the results of your invisible progress. After all those mornings and nights of chipping away at yourself, becoming more and more of who you truly are as love, as an expression of God/love, as one with all. This time in Creator’s Circle feels like graduating into the truth of who I AM."

Now is the Time

Your first step is to experience Creating Dialogue with one of our Creating Champions. Awakening to ways of being outside of your awareness is in itself a breakthrough. From this new vantage point, it will be clear whether now is the time for you to do this deep and powerful work.

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What will this help me achieve?

Not to sound overzealous, but our most honest answer is the one at the top of this page…


We mean it when we say...

“Give us the lever of your mind and we will move your world.”

This is a reference to Archimedes’ principle of the power of leverage. In Creator’s Circle we work at such a deep level (i.e. how you conceptualize and experience yourself and your world) that the changes we make affect everything in your life; your health, your fitness, your relationships, your intimacy, your sex, your income, your business, your leadership, your contribution, your spirituality and so on. You will choose specific things in your life to use as the context for our work, but the insights and shifts we create will ripple throughout all areas.

Your particular approach to life, relationships and business will emerge as a result of your daily action and your created Flux of Being occurring during our time together.

More specifically, during Creator’s Circle you will work to…

  • Discover yourself more deeply through looking at things you’d rather avoid
  • Speed up your results by slowing down your actions
  • Close the gap between who you be and who you truly are
  • Have you transcend your present identity and sense of self
  • Deepen yourself ‘spiritually’ in whatever way that has meaning for you
  • Develop your ability to conceptualize and embrace paradox and non-duality
  • Discover the courage to travel the paths of most and least resistance
  • Access multiple paths to genuine fearlessness
  • Impact and influence others through an honest and loving way of being

Clayton Olson

"Coming into contact with the Creating perspective has given me more permission to follow my intuition, to teach while I coach and to bring in a healthy sense of ego as a coach and also to encourage that in my clients.

Our clients are paying us for our map of reality and there is something that they get to step into by being around someone that is loving and free. To stand in that as a coach; to have and give yourself permission to be that is incredibly powerful and as a result of my time in Creator’s Circle my coaching has definitely become more potent, loving, courageous and naturally more magnetic because I feel much more free to challenge people and point to a promise-land that they can see and fight like hell to encourage them in that direction.

A big shift that has occurred for me is that I have an embodied wisdom around not needing to change the external in order to experience the internal that I want to experience.

I thought that I had do lots of things externally like marketing and branding to bring forth the clients that I want, and what I got from Creator’s Circle was that I have much more authority and creational power to create the clients that I want to work with right there on the spot. It's like evoking an aspect of themselves to come out of the people that I want to work with. It has so little to do with my messaging and branding; yes I could change my messaging and branding and that would make an impact but when I start with the internal first the external becomes so much less necessary.

I have a lot more belief in myself now; things could fall apart but I have so much faith in myself now to get into a conversation with someone and really be able to help them move their world in a way that would have us enter into a longer coaching engagement and to make money which has brought greater security into my life."

Now is the Time

Your first step is to experience Creating Dialogue with one of our Creating Champions. Awakening to ways of being outside of your awareness is in itself a breakthrough. From this new vantage point, it will be clear whether now is the time for you to do this deep and powerful work.

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Who is this for?

Although you may not identify as such, you are already a ‘creator’ in some way. By ‘creator’, we mean someone who does not look for a path to follow, but who creates their own.

You may be a new or seasoned entrepreneur, you may be an artist or musician or you may be a coach who wants to increase the value of your product (i.e. ‘yourself’).

You are also someone who values love, contribution, peace, joy, intimate relationships, greater results and financial prosperity.

You are someone who is open. You are ready to be vulnerable. You are ready to have uncomfortable conversations that give you access to more of who you are.

Alex Hayden

"You helped me bloom. I feel like a late bloomer and that's actually a self-proclaimed, self-created, late bloomer. I feel like I've bloomed into being from who I am; a rapper and an artist and the coach that I'm capable of being. It taught me to love and accept and forgive myself and give that gift to other people.

My value has increased exponentially and continues to increase as I increase the value of everyone that I encounter. I am a value and that value allows me to appreciate the value of everyone that I meet. 

All of these other beautiful souls that are like my sisters and my brothers and everybody's equal. I'm not bigger than anybody and no one's bigger than me, money is now the small thing."

How much time does this require?

Your minimum time investment for Creator’s Circle is 64 hours over the course of eight months. This breaks down as follows:

  • Three x 2-hour Full Circle sessions every month for eight months (Total 48 hours)
  • Two x 1-hour Peer Support sessions every month (Total 16 hours)

However, what you create throughout eight months together will largely be determined by how much time and energy you invest in our work. The more you give to Creator’s Circle, the more it will give back to you. For example, we recommend spending one hour per day immersing yourself in the exciting work of self-cultivation.

What are Full Circle sessions?

The foundation of Creator’s Circle is where all members come together from around the world in our thrice monthly 2 hour meetings via live video conference. Over the course of the eight months, we have a total of 24 Full Circle sessions. You will speak and be heard in every Full Circle session and you be impacted and served by what occurs EVERY single time, whether or not you are up for 1-1 dialogue, which occurs on rotation. 

Our Full Circle sessions begin with each and every member finishing this statement aloud:

“What I would love to create today is..."

Following that, your circle leader spends about 30 minutes each in 1-1 Creating Dialogue with three different members of the circle. This occurs on rotation and you always have the option to 'pass'.

When you are in Creating dialogue, the other members of the circle hold space for you. Their presence is instrumental in the power of the dialogue.

When you are holding space and witnessing Creating dialogue with another member, you are holding in mind what you declared you'd love to create. By listening with intention to create, you generate not only powerful insights, but insights that are personal and uniquely valuable to you.

At the end of each Full Circle session, each member finishes this statement aloud…

“What I created today is…”

This gives you a chance to consolidate and focus your own insights as well as to hear the insights everyone else generated through their intentional listening.

Some of the most impactful and valuable sessions for you will be when another member in the circle is in dialogue. In fact, many members have shared that simply the way they learn to create through how they listen was worth their entire investment.

Private recordings of every Full Circle session are made available within 24 hours. Many members watch or listen back to sessions multiple times. They review their notes and some share these with the rest of the group in our private members area, which creates a dialogue and deeper learning. If you miss a session, you agree to listen to the recording so that you are fully ‘with us’ in the next Full Circle session.

You will be constantly encouraged, challenged and supported in creating more and more value for yourself, both in Creator’s Circle and everywhere in your life.

What are Peer Support sessions?

Each month, in the same day and time-slot as our Full Circle sessions, you will have two, back-to-back, Peer Support sessions that are one hour each. In one of the sessions, you will provide support to another member of our circle. In the other session, you will be supported by a different member.

You will be encouraged to support each other in whatever way feels most natural and of service for you. There is no ‘dogma’ about what the right way to support people is – just a powerful and loving commitment to help each other to create.

Having private time with each member rapidly creates a strong sense of family in Creator’s Circle.

As a member of Creator’s Circle, you are committed to attending both Full Circle sessions and Peer Support sessions. If there is a good reason you cannot attend a session, you will notify us all via our private members area.

Lila Paillon

"How can I do justice to the experience of being in Creator’s Circle? It has been one of the most powerful, transformational, and cherished experiences of my life.

As someone with the inborn gifts of sight and feeling into others’ Being, JP's teachings introduced me to the critical idea of not just witnessing others, but Creating others in a useful, powerful way, among many other teachings.  The way JP creates me is in a light higher and more powerful than even my own father creates me.  As a person in the helping and healing profession I was chastened to see my limited capacity in this regard, to hold others and myself in such high regard that success and transformation is inevitable.  I grew into womanhood in ways I didn’t know I needed and I created sacred connections with my Circle mates. Lastly, I have to mention the role Creator’s Circle played in the blossoming of my relationship into marriage, strengthening my commitment to my husband and the magic we create being united, and BEING the best wife and mother.  I am confident that the other Creating champions on his team are as masterful as him.  I am honored to be a part of the Creating lineage." 

What is Self-Cultivation?

Think of being in Creator’s Circle like being part of a team. The Full Circle & Peer Support sessions are important meetings with your 'coach' and your 'teammates', but the bulk of the work that grows you is actually done on your own in your ‘practice’ between meetings. The insights you glean from the sessions are pivotal, but it is what you do every morning, every evening and throughout every single day of the eight months that determines your growth and success as a member of Creator’s Circle.

We ask that you invest about one-hour per day actively creating yourself doing what we refer to as 'self-cultivation'.

You will be supported in creating a clear distinction as to what kind of work is considered to be self-cultivation and what isn’t. For example, ‘reading’ a book is fantastic and useful, but reading alone is passive. Powerful self-cultivation occurs when there is both input and output. Reading a book (input) and then doing the exercises in the book (output) is an example of what would be considered self-cultivation because this is what creates real growth.

Danah Maria Jaffar

"Creator's Circle has completely restructured the idea that I hold about myself. It has redefined who I am in ways that I don't even have the words to express at the moment. I remember the first session that we all came on and the first question that was asked; "Who are you?" I tried so hard to sound so cool, I tried so hard to sound like someone that was essentially worthy of being here. I look back at that version of Danah and I love her so much. I feel like in this process, I've been able to fall in love with myself because of you and that's a gift and I'm grateful.

I also love that there are no coincidences. I love that everything that has happened in our lives from the second we were born has led us to this very moment and there was nothing and no one that could have gotten in the way. I signed up initially to Creator's Circle because I was looking to get better. I was looking to be a more powerful coach, a more capable coach. The beautiful thing about this process is that it has shown me that there's nowhere else to go, there's nothing else to be. There's nothing to step into. I'm enough and we're enough, it's beautiful. I've definitely grown from being a girl, even though I felt like I was a full grown ass woman when I walked in here, I feel like a whole new woman.

This has been a sacred experience in so many ways for me, being held through everything, including heartbreak. What's so beautiful about that is that really challenging things like that became opportunities for me.  I don't think that I would have been able to deal with some things the way that I dealt with them, feeling so calm and feeling so in love with myself that I didn't need anything else in those moments. That's because of the way that each of you showed up for me every single week and the way we showed up for each other and the way that I think we just let each other know... even when you forget, I'm here to remind you that you are so okay. Everything that you want to create you're capable of and it's possible, I'm on your team even when you're not. I think that has been so sacred and so special. Ultimately, there are certain experiences in life where I think words are still so finite and this experience has been infinite."

Now is the Time

Your first step is to experience Creating Dialogue with one of our Creating Champions. Awakening to ways of being outside of your awareness is in itself a breakthrough. From this new vantage point, it will be clear whether now is the time for you to do this deep and powerful work.

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What if I’m not comfortable in groups? 

Some people who join Creator’s Circle are concerned they won’t be comfortable sharing and opening up in a group setting and that this could undermine the value they could otherwise create in the program. Others who join Creator’s Circle express concern that they might not resonate with other people in the group, or that they might be 'above' or 'below' other members.

Firstly, most members in Creator’s Circle connect easily and well due to the deep nature of the work and due to the fact that our work attracts people with shared values like freedom, honesty, love, peace, kindness, power and success. Throughout every Creator’s Circle, deep friendships are made and (when not in a pandemic) members are flying around the world to spend time with each other!

Second, and even more importantly, in Creator’s Circle we agree to utilize our group and the relationships in it as the context for our growth. By this we mean that every member chooses to use any discomfort, fear of vulnerability or challenges they have in relating with any individual – including your circle leader – as the perfect and best place to grow themselves.

When you can relate well with every member of Creator’s Circle and when you can show up fully in the presence of all members, you will have accessed a new capacity to relate, express and create in all areas of your life.

Members report that working in an intimate group of other Creators provides extra value through:

  • Collaborative Support
  • Multiple Perspectives & Insights
  • Shared Vulnerability
  • Not Feeling ‘Alone’
  • Structure & Focus
  • Motivation & Momentum
  • Mutual Accountability

Joe Ouelette

"I felt like I had gone on a hero's journey already in both my personal and professional life but where I am now was nowhere on my radar when I started. The return on the value of my investment in Creator's Circle is high."

What is the Financial Investment?

Your entry fee for Creator’s Circle is $9,600 paid upfront in full. Alternatively, you may make 3 monthly payments of $3,500, for a total of $10,500.

Your financial investment is actually an important part of the structure of our relationship and the integrity of the circle.

Much of the power of a ‘marriage’ is in the fact that you can’t just ‘leave’ once you enter into it. When things get challenging, the only way out of your discomfort is for you to grow.

Your investment is also 100% non-refundable. There is no ‘prenuptial’ in this ‘marriage’. We use no written contracts because our relationship and our word is our bond.

We have only had ONE member in Creator’s Circle ever ask for a refund. Our answer was simple: No.

During our next Full Circle session, right there with everyone present, we dove deep into WHY this person wanted a refund.

What unfolded from that was one of the most impactful and insightful experiences of this person's life. In the months following, as their new understanding of their power to create transformed their life, they thanked us over and over again for not giving them the refund they had asked for.

Others members of the circle reviewed what occurred in that Full Circle session for months, listening back to it and even transcribing the conversation to study it more deeply.

If you want to be a more free, loving & powerful Creator in your life and work – and if you are willing to apply what you learn through the Creating dialogues you partake in and witness – then the value you will receive from Creator’s Circle will be magnitudes beyond your investment.

Now is the Time

Your first step is to experience Creating Dialogue with one of our Creating Champions. Awakening to ways of being outside of your awareness is in itself a breakthrough. From this new vantage point, it will be clear whether now is the time for you to do this deep and powerful work.

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What have members created?

Some recent examples of personal creations include…

  • Beautiful relationships with spouse, children, partners, employee & friends
  • Graceful ending of relationships that weren’t loving and true anymore
  • More power to create what they want and to lead others
  • An overall more present, relaxed, understanding and loving way of being
  • More freedom to live life on their terms
  • More flow and joy in their work
  • More financial prosperity
  • More time to travel and be with family and friends
  • A greater sense of who they really are and being aligned with this day to day

Some recent examples of professional creations include…

  • Brick & mortar school for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Software & tech companies including rounds of investment
  • Transformation of corporate careers into independent consultancies
  • Popular retail business in a competitive area
  • Leading self-defense and martial arts school
  • Thriving web media companies
  • Expanding magazine & events companies
  • Top-tier photography business
  • Global corporate training companies
  • A five-star destination restaurant in Costa Rica
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • High-earning coaching practices

Christine O'Neil

"I was thinking back to last year... I kept saying I was going to do all this stuff in my business, but I wasn't doing anything, I wasn't creating anything. There was just this void. I said, "I'm not surrounding myself with people who are smarter than me, challenge me, inspire me." Someone recommended Creator’s Circle on a Monday, I heard it again on a Tuesday, quite randomly. I talked to you on Wednesday, I committed... paid you Friday and we started the following Thursday. When I think about it now, it was just so perfect and I had no idea.

My whole way of being, my whole identity, everything is so much clearer now. I recognize that I can really create what I want. I've embraced the identity of an entrepreneur and I created the same amount of money as last year by July. My schedule is getting less and less and less and it's still continuing, it's that empty space which creates an "Oh, shit. What's next?" feeling, but I can create that into whatever I want it to be. Then, I created a relationship, which I definitely didn't expect and that's transformed everything. Am I the first love match in Creator's Circle? It feels extraordinary to think that how I was looking at relationships was so limiting before, which is why I wasn't creating it. 

Being able to own that you really can create everything is the beginning of it. It's a continued cultivation. I think the sense of belonging in the circle, really feels so vitally important. This has expanded so much and opened a world that is quite extraordinary.

Creator's Circle has touched everything; the power in which I'm showing up, the power of what I'm creating, and the possibility. Thank you for creating this and all of you for showing up and being here and changing me forever."

Do you guarantee results?

We promise you that if you participate fully in Creator’s Circle – and if you invest regular time in the practices of self-cultivation – then you will come to know and create yourself more deeply than ever before and you will achieve profound spiritual fulfillment and personal power to create what you want.

As you achieve this, whatever you desire – in your business, relationships and your life overall – will be accessible to you.

What else is included?

When you make your commitment to Creator’s Circle, you get immediate access to 18, in-depth Creating Lessons, which stream in our private member's area. Each of these lessons is a deep dive into an aspect of the Creating perspective and philosophy and includes practical exercises that you can use in creating yourself and your world. These classes alone required $1800 to attend live their value is infinite. 

You also get immediate access to a mini-course that will prepare you for creating extraordinary value in Creator’s Circle.

Finally, as an active client, you are also welcome to join other members of the Creating Club in attending a twice-monthly Creating w/ JP [Clients Only]. 

Who leads Creator's Circle?

Whilst founded by John Patrick Morgan, Creator's Circles are now lead by both he and others with equal mastery in the Creating perspective.

Every leader is a former member of at least one, if not multiple, Creator's Circles, as well as having been through other coaching and training programs in the Creating perspective.  In addition, each circle leader continues to work closely with John Patrick Morgan in continuing to deepen and strengthen their ability and being in Creating.  Each leader has demonstrated true mastery not only in creating their own life personally and professionally, but in creating the lives of many others too.

John Patrick Morgan

Creating Founder

The purpose of my life is to serve the one person in front of me, right here and right now. To see them fully, to create who they are and to make a meaningful difference for them honestly and completely. I am your Champion and I create you everywhere I go.



Darren Farfan

Creating Champion

Darren is a Master Creator with a successful coaching and consulting business working with groups of women, non-profit leaders and Olympians. He understands and embodies Being a Champion in all senses of the word. Darren is a husband and father of three living in Trinidad and Tobago.


Lindsey Capp

Creating Champion

Lindsey Capp is a mother of three and one of the UK’s top Emotional Intelligence trainers. Her coaching of teams in the corporate world and with entrepreneurs helps them all create both a richer emotional and financial life.  She is also a mother of three beautiful children.



Now is the Time

Your first step is to experience Creating Dialogue with one of our Creating Champions. Awakening to ways of being outside of your awareness is in itself a breakthrough. From this new vantage point, it will be clear whether now is the time for you to do this deep and powerful work.

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Winnie Sher

"Today doesn't mark the end of my time in Creator’s Circle.  It marks the end of three times in Creator’s Circle and I've grown the most in this last circle.

You’ve all helped me to fully own who I am. There are two things that I've been trying to hide, but have been in plain sight pretty much all my life.

Firstly, I’m British-born Chinese.  I didn’t like to draw too much attention to my ethnicity or bicultural background in my earlier life.  It's a big part of me that I am bringing out in the world and has been a key part of my creating this time.  Owning and outwardly speaking about my Chinese roots, connecting with the East/South East Asian community in the UK and empowering ESEA leaders with my coaching work.

Secondly, I have Type 1 Diabetes.  I used to be embarrassed about injecting insulin in public.  Now, I proudly speak out about my condition and why insulin is a lifeline.  I’m using my position as a privileged person who has access to free medical care in the UK to campaign, advocate and help others who don't have the same privilege as me.  The Creating Perspective taught me to see and create myself as that person.  I created the confidence to walk 50km for a diabetes charity and raise £1500 in the process.

From here, I'm building social change. I have momentum now and it's because I've found my voice and I’m no longer afraid to use it.

The Creating Perspective has also taught me the power of self-creation through declarations.  Two declarations, in particular, stand out for me:

I am innocent and response-able.

I am forgiving and free.

These two declarations alone have allowed me to access deep self-love. They are my access points to keep loving myself and let go of judgments.

I want to say thank you to every one of you.  This has been the greatest circle because it's also been the most challenging circle. In previous circles, I held back a little because I wasn't as all in.  I feel like I've been through it all in this circle. I've been all in, I’ve wanted to leave, I've seen parts of me that I didn't like, I've seen parts of me that I do like... through each of you. Creator’s Circle is an eye-opening hall of mirrors and you’ve each played a part in helping me to grow and see who I am.

I was initially drawn to the Creating Perspective because I wanted to express my ideas freely and outwardly.  I wanted to draw out more of my personal power but I didn’t understand what power actually meant.  People would often say to me, “you’re a powerful woman”, which I rejected because I didn’t see myself that way.

Before the Creating Perspective, I thought that “powerful” meant control, oppression and exerting power over others, which is the opposite of what I stand for.  No wonder I batted it away!  I used to think that the way to access power was through being punished or criticised.  Creator’s Circle has been anything but that.  Whenever I thought I needed a metaphorical clip around the ear, I found out that it wasn’t. It was more love, not criticism, and that has been healing. 

The Creating Perspective has transformed my relationship with power.  I now relate to “power” as “capacity to create any outcome I desire”, and so “powerful” means “filled with capacity to create”.  The source of that capacity to create is love.  Loving myself.  Loving others. Loving all that is.

You are a champion for our highest potential and you powerfully speak our being into existence.  Your commitment to your self-creating practice has had a ripple effect on me.  I include declarations in my morning practice, not because I have to but because I want to.  Because I’ve reaped the benefits of speaking my word into existence for myself.  I've had the privilege of being in your orbit for all this time to inculcate Creating into my heart, body and mind.  My words truly create my world.  Thank you for showing me the way."

Rachel Hamlin 

"During my time in Creator's Circle I really learned how to be an entrepreneur. This is meaningful to me because I always felt “I am not an entrepreneur,” because to me entrepreneurship IS the Creator mindset and it was not natural to me. I knew I could create spectacular results in a traditional career and I was a powerful Creator of job opportunities, and relocation opportunities. But it is now forever engrained in me—across my life—to be a person who sees, holds and champions POSSIBILITY. I actually created a visa to live in the UK during Creator's Circle, which was my target home, but I also expanded my vision and realized I want “more” than I initially thought and I am now fully engaged in the process of Creating that.

I now believe that the most desirable outcome is possible, and I no longer believe it when other people hand me their limitations. I don’t need to know what I want. I can create powerfully, with commitment, as one who flows with life. I commit to showing up every day, to every problem and opportunity. I commit to cultivating being. I can enjoy my life more every day, and it can be ease-ful, even when it’s hard, because I am always flowing and in trust. Being is the source of all Creation.

I feel much more comfortable and more powerful in my coaching. I believe much more deeply in its value. As such, I have an easier time creating commitment with both new and existing clients.

I am in steady, long-term relationships with my clients and I have a full client roster, all of whom I feel capable of supporting in creating even through the challenges of our times.

Embodying the Creator mindset has given me a next-level sense of empowerment.

There is no other group like Creator's Circle. You will change your life by changing your whole foundation. It’s truly a sacred space. I can’t overstate the value of being seen and supported by a group of likeminded creators."


Denisa Ratulea

"I remember last year when we had the conversation about joining Creator's Circle and deciding on it, I felt, "Whoa, I'm worth the Creator's Circle fee!" It was a big step for me to spend that on myself and now looking back, I'm struck by how natural it feels: "Duh, of course, I'm worth that much." It seemed like such a surreal thing and just that step helped me see so much more in myself and through that help other people feel their worth and create with that. I feel I'm a much better coach than I used to be from fully trusting and believing myself. Sometimes, when presented with a challenging topic,  I'm still wondering "how on earth am I going to deal with this?" and yet, even when I don't know what to say next, I am able to be present and have such a stillness and I can find the answer within and trust that I know what to say. That is very beautiful and priceless. I'm in awe of the journey and of the moment itself right now. I'm really grateful for every single one of you."

Tyrone Crowley

"It's been an incredible time for me, probably the most growth I have experienced in my life. I can't believe what a great place I'm in, life is great. I have created a greater bond with my son, a new relationship, a profitable business alongside new coaching clients. I have been set free of fear. Fear was all over my life and I didn't even know it. Procrastination, lack of self belief... it's all gone and I feel free."

Moishe Chanin

"One of the gifts that I got here was being able to see the higher level that's available when I'm able to hold two opposites. The capacity to forgive, to see shame as an invitation to forgiveness, and for forgiveness to be the way that I create the biggest breakthroughs in my own life and in other people's lives. The more I can forgive myself, the greater coach I am, the greater husband and parent I am. There's so much. I love you all so deeply. You are people who are more similar to me than anybody else in the world. You expanded my world inside and out. You've taught me how to unapologetically love. You've taught me how to stay and I love you all forever."

Michelle Ware 

"It's incredible, just to see how you loved me, see how you loved others in the way that you work. I can really feel it and it's not just something that is being spoken, and that's different and that's so unique. I'm really excited for what's to come as I continue to practice the Creating perspective. I don't see any limits or limitations at all and this is really beautiful."

Chahinez Laidli

"My experience in Creator’s Circle was an incredible adventure, filled with love, freedom and insights that continue to emerge even after it ended. Coaching sessions are destinations to your infinite potential!"

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