Master's Circle with John Patrick Morgan is an intimate, eight-month training in the art and science of Pure Creation.

All those who enter Master's Circle are already masters of some business or craft and are looking to take their life and work to an all-new level.

The seven of us meet every week in an air-tight container of 90 minutes in which the conversation is one part group discussion and two parts direct dialogue with JP.

The curriculum unfolds as the content and context of your life and work meet the concepts of Creating in live conversation.

You are that which you study as an illumination of your mind and Being occurs.

This awakening is not one of insight, but one of capability, care, and creation.

Your freedom, love, and power will magnify and all that you are will grow in enormity and grace.

Join me for eight months of radical inquiry and extraordinary action that raises the bar, not just for you but for everyone around you.

Your investment is $25,000 and your return is infinite.

As your teacher and Champion, this is my commitment and promise.

Loving you, John Patrick Morgan

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